Details on UPS's entry into college sports


Andrew Giangola, VP/Strategic Communications, IMG College, gave RBR-TVBR the details of UPS’ new sponsorship deal in college sports—along with all affiliates for both radio and TV. He describes it as a combination of game broadcasts (select non-conference basketball games), as well as coaches shows and individual school magazine-style TV programming.  

“Some schools, like Kentucky and Kansas, have robust over the air broadcast networks.  RSN deals at Tennessee, Oregon and Florida give tremendous exposure as well,” Giangola explained. “Radio is comprised of Pre-game Shows; Live Broadcasts; and Post-Game shows, as well as weekly coaches and magazine formats at most schools.”

To see the full list list of radio and TV affiliates/networks/shows and markets that IMG College will be able to serve up for UPS, click on the pdf’s to the upper right.