Detroit still PPM problem spot


May Portable People Meter (PPM) sample quality metrics from Arbitron show that Detroit is still well below target for Blacks 18-34, with a Designated Delivery Index (DDI) of 59. That was flat with April’s poor performance.

With a metro population that is 22.2% black, ratings data for you African Americans is vital to many Detroit radio stations. As previously reported, Arbitron told RBR/TVBR it became aware of the problem in Detroit and some other markets in March and began working to improve performance in the demo. Arbitron Exec. VP/Customer Solutions Bob Hendrick told us that it would take 30-60 days for the initiatives to pay off, with the improvements showing up in the June and July data.

Indeed, there was no improvement in May, repeating the 59 DDI seen in April, which had been down from 62 in March.