DG Entertainment does campaigns for “Jeopardy!,” “Wheel,” “Divorce Court”


DG Entertainment has reinvigorated the promotion campaigns for three first-run syndication franchises, including CBS Television Distribution’s historic game shows “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune,” and 20th Television’s “Divorce Court” by producing major, multi-platform promotion campaigns for the programs. 

“We are honored to have been enlisted to produce campaigns for these three important shows in first-run.  Working with clients the caliber of Michael Mischler and Harry Friedman, and Bob Cook and Matthew Rodriguez on these projects gave us the mandate and creative freedom to conceptualize three distinct campaigns,” said Robbie Davis, DG President. “The challenge was to create spots that were uniquely different from the campaigns of previous seasons.  We needed to maintain their loyal audience base yet attract new potential viewers.  These campaigns have the longevity and ability to play in a multimedia world, including on-air, online and virally.”

Leading the trio of projects is “My Proudest Moments,” DG Entertainment’s conceptual campaign celebrating “Jeopardy’s!” 25th anniversary this season in which historical figures, including Betsy Ross, Attila the Hun, Cleopatra, Zeus and The Thinker talk about when they realized they had become cultural icons – the date their names had officially been used as questions on “Jeopardy!”  A total of five spots for the campaign have been produced to run in-show and online.

Based on the popularity of the character-driven “Letters” campaign DG Entertainment produced for “Wheel of Fortune’s” 25th anniversary last year, the company was commissioned to expand on the successful concept and oversee the second phase of the campaign for the 2008-09 season.  Designed to speak to the game show’s longstanding core audience and build its brand among millenials, the campaign brought another round of alphabetic letters and prize money spaces from the program’s iconic “wheel” to life.  Last year the company characterized four letters – “Z,” “Y,” “N” and “G” – as well as the prize money wedge “5K,” by producing four spots helmed by Clio Award-winning commercial director John Adams (Nike, Anheuser- Busch, AT&T) that insert them in simulated backstage scenarios.  For this season, DG Entertainment added “J,” an awkward teen, who, as Vanna White learns, lights up at the least amount of attention; “I” and “E,” who both continue their eternal grammatical struggle; “Y” returns because… well “Y” not?  Additionally, with a splashy Las Vegas flair reminiscent of “Sinatra At The Sands,” “Wheel of Fortune’s” new million dollar game wedge is introduced with the message, “Everyday, there’s a million reasons to watch!”  The spots, which also air in-show, were fed to stations in late August and will be new additions to the “Wheel of Fortune” mini-site that was built exclusively for “The Letters” campaign last year.  The site also features character bios, behind the scenes footage as well as exclusive content for Wheel Watcher Club members.

For “Divorce Court’s” 10th anniversary campaign, DG Entertainment worked with feature film director Rob Cohen (“The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” “The Fast and the Furious”) on a humorous series that captures modern married couples in moments of awkward spousal discoveries, all portending divorce proceedings to be presided over by host Judge Lynn Toler.  The promos were shot in the fashion of a mini-film, enabling stations to fill their available promotion slots with high-quality spots that entertain, retain viewers and differentiate “Divorce Court” from other court shows.  One spot features a wife learning of her husband’s penchant for visiting inappropriate websites on the web.  In another, a couple is awoken late night when the husband’s supposed mistress calls his mobile phone – and the stern stare from the wife tells the whole story.  DG Entertainment produced four spots for the campaign that will air in broadcast and online.