Dial Global boosts talent on music formats


To meet the growing demand for their satellite-delivered music formats, Dial Global Radio Networks announced the hiring of 18 additional air personalities.  In recent months, the company has added a significant number of new affiliates which increased the need for more air talent.  In doing so, the company added fuel to their fastest-growing programming division, while upgrading their music formats with high-profile air personalities.

President, Kirk Stirland commented:  “We believe that great air talent, who sound live and local, give our stations a huge competitive advantage.  Dial Global is the only company that offers top personalities who deliver personalized breaks for our affiliates.  The demand has been so strong for this service that we’ve outgrown our current airstaff and needed to hire more.”

Since acquiring the Waitt Radio Networks in 2008, Dial Global has experienced tremendous growth in their satellite-delivered music formats.  The company’s patented STORQ technology provides their affiliates with major-market personalities who deliver customized breaks to individual stations.  Dial Global sees this service as a powerful alternative to traditional voice-tracked programming.