Dial Global Digital 24/7 gets JACK-FM from ABC


Dial Global announced an exclusive arrangement with Canada-based SparkNet Communications to begin offering the JACK-FM format to stations in the US beginning 3/31. All current affiliates of ABC Radio Networks’ version of JACK-FM will be transitioned to Dial Global Digital 24/7 Formats on that date, with no disruption of service.

With SparkNet’s consultation, Dial Global will combine the unique mix of adult hit music, with key imaging elements of the JACK-FM brand, including the voice of Howard Cogan, who is heard on the format across the country.

 “Dial Global will provide the perfect JACK-FM product for the marketplace,” said Garry Wall, Co-President of SparkNet.  “And this marriage with Dial Global will give SparkNet some new barter-based tools for generating business with stations in markets of all sizes.”

For more info: Matt Caldaronello, Vice VP/Affiliate Management at Dial Global Digital 24/7: [email protected], or (661) 294-6222.