Dial Global introduces “360 Country”


Dial GlobalCountry radio stations will soon sound a lot better, thanks to a new imaging service called 360 Country from Dial Global/TM Studios.  It’s an all-inclusive production package that will revolutionize how stations use their imaging service.  Beyond jingles, music beds and work parts, 360 Country includes every production element that stations need.  DG recruited the top Nashville musicians to create the music and jingles for 360 Country.  The entire package was written and performed by the same Grammy winning Nashville musicians who’ve played with Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, Reba and many others. “Now, the imaging on country stations will sound as good as the songs they’re playing.”

360 Country is the first radio imaging package that truly brands a station: “We’ve created an original 3 note audio logo that becomes the station’s signature.  The logo is woven throughout the 360 package and creates a memorable and instantly recognizable sound,” notes DG.

Ricky Roo is the VP/Creative at Dial Global’s TM Studios.  He and Creative Director of Country, Ryan Drean are the architects of 360 Country.

Said Roo: “Music is at the core of 360 Country. This new service takes radio imaging to the next level by truly branding country stations.  It’s a complete package that includes everything stations need to create a strong on-air identity.”

Adds Drean: “We collaborated with some of the best producers in the country, guys who have been in the trenches of the biggest PPM battle markets.  Together, we built 360 Country to be the most complete imaging service that includes everything country.”

360 is available now on a barter basis and is market-exclusive. It includes:

·         Music Themes.   Original compositions that meld seamlessly into your station.  Updated monthly to make events and benchmarks sound BIG.

·         Sonic logo.  Signature 3 note sounder that enhances the stations brand identity.

·         Jingles.  Customized and frequently updated.  Stations get a launch package, with fresh cuts added monthly.

·         Imaging Shells.  Ready-made for concert events, contesting, music positioning, new music intros, lifestyle sweepers, artist spotlights and holidays.

·         Sound Design FX.   To enhance the stations’ audio logo.  Very PPM-friendly.

·         Artist drops.  Plus workparts and sweepers from the top country artists.

·         Listener Audio.  Features real listener voices that sound genuine.

·         Sound Design.   Elements that are hyper-focused and PPM friendly.  Produced by seasoned vets who work in the trenches at the biggest country stations.

·         360 Community.  Gives clients access to online resources, tutorials, articles, blogs and discussions with top producers.