Dial Global launches “SoundHound for Radio”


Dial GlobalIt’s a proprietary radio advertising platform developed in partnership with SoundHound which uses its audio recognition technology to connect Dial Global’s 225 million weekly listeners with exclusive branded mobile content. Integrated marketing campaigns utilizing SoundHound for Radio benefit from direct engagement with radio listeners and analytics never before available to radio advertisers.

Said Ken Williams, President of Dial Global: “Until now, radio has struggled to keep pace with the kind of measurable engagement offered by newer digital marketing platforms. Together with SoundHound, we have created a marketing solution that delivers trackable engagement between listeners and brands.”

Listeners served by Dial Global and its affiliate partners can now access exclusive offers and branded audio, video, and Web content delivered on their mobile device through SoundHound. In beta, Dial Global and SoundHound partnered to test and refine the technology, ensuring the platform will work for all types of broadcasts, from live performances to sports, talk, music and entertainment. Early adopters involved some of radio’s largest and most active partners, including GEICO and Big Machine Label Group.

Elizabeth Albright, Managing Director, National Audio, for Horizon Media, said the new platform offers great value for brands. “At Horizon we are tasked with not only buying media at an efficient Cost Per Point, but at generating an even more significant value for our clients,” said Albright. “We believe the SoundHound platform allows for direct engagement with radio listeners in a traceable way that provides meaningful value and results.”

“We are incredibly excited to announce the rollout of SoundHound for Radio with Dial Global”, said Katie McMahon, Vice President of SoundHound Inc., “Each month, tens of millions use SoundHound’s instant music search and discovery capabilities to engage with and share what they hear on the radio. Now through this partnership, radio advertisers will have the unparalleled ability to directly engage consumers on the go through SoundHound’s mobile app which has 130 million users around the world.”