Dial-Global merging duplicative formats


Here’s a story you don’t hear often in radio: Consolidation with consideration. When Dial-Global purchased Jones MediaAmerica, they doubled in size—especially with satellite-delivered formats. There were five big formats inherited from Jones that are duplicative with DG’s Digital 24/7 formats: Classic Rock, two Country formats, Hot AC and Oldies.

The combined list is some 80% of that market. ABC Radio Networks has the other 20%. So, over the last three months, DG EVP/Programming Beau Phillips and Programming President Kirk Stirland have been assessing what they’ve got.

The solution to the redundancy issue is to merge the best at DG and Jones to create five supercharged formats featuring the best from both: The best DJs, content and production team. The five new formats–Mainstream Country, Hot Country, Hot AC, Classic Rock and Kool Gold—will launch on December 29.

The five formats will be fully staffed: “We’re fielding the best team from both companies,” Phillips tells RBR. “For the remaining staff, we are going to ask them to stay on an additional 90 days. They will get severance packages and additional bonuses.”

During that 90 days, DG will be speaking to affiliates. Phillips says the employees not selected for the improved formats will have those 90 days to look for other jobs, or to possibly find another spot within the company to transition. Both Phillips and Stirland will be personally meeting with them to discuss the options.
The programming offices affected include Valencia, CA, Denver and Seattle.