Dial Global mourns the loss of Steve Young


Dial-Global lost Steve Young, its Senior Programming Consultant, to a heart attack Monday.  Beau Phillips, Dial Global’s EVP/Programming remembers, "In order to hire a Canadian program director in the US, you must first show that no American PD is as competent.  But I really wanted to hire Steve Young at KISW.  So, I filled out all the forms necessary to import him from Toronto.  And those forms proved to be true.  I’ve never met a smarter radio programmer than Steve Young."

Steve and Beau recently co-hosted a dinner at the NAB in Austin, with some of the best programmers in the business.  To honor him, Dial Global announced that this dinner will be an annual event, in Steve Young’s honor.  Each year, the company will invite America’s top programmers to share food, drink and ideas.