Dial-Global names format management team


Following the recent merging of Dial Global’s 24-hour music formats with those of the former Jones Radio Networks, Dial Global Programming President Kirk Stirland announced the programming management team responsible for its operation.  This group is comprised of both Dial Global and former JRN programmers, all of whom will report to EVP/Programming Beau Phillips.

In announcing this new line-up, Dial Global has blended the best talent from both companies, creating a superstar programming team.  Now, Stirland and Phillips will focus on teambuilding and collaboration across their broadcasting operations in Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Omaha and Nashville.  

“These are the people who will take up Beau Phillip’s charge to put magic in our format offerings,” commented Kirk Stirland.  “They’re an experienced, creative group, and along with General Manager of Formats Phil Barry, they’re the right team to take our Formats forward.”

LA-based Formats
Senior Program Director      David Felker
Co-Program Director / Kool Gold    David Felker
Program Director / Hits Now     Rob Archer
Program Director / Drive FX  Rob Archer
Program Director / Hot AC   Bill O’Brien
Program Director / Adult Standards Chick Watkins
Program Director / Jack   Nate Cryns
Program Director / SAM    David Felker
Program Director / KPIG   David Felker

Denver-based Formats

Senior Program Director      Jim Murphy
Senior Program Director    Jon Holiday
Program Director / Hot Country  Jim Murphy
Co-Program Director / Kool Gold  J.J. McKay
Program Director / Mainstream Country Penny Mitchell
Program Director / True Country  Shannon Stone
Program Director / Classic Country Lew Jones
Program Director / Adult Contemporary Rick Brady
Program Director / Classic Rock  Adam Fendrich  
Program Director / Classic Hits  Cheri Marquart
Seattle-based Services
Senior Programming Consultant  Steve Young