DICE debuts Silverline DUO integration kits with Livio Radio


Livio already has a free app on the iTunes store that’s powered by RadioTime, but now, users can now access the app through factory car stereos: DICE Electronics is now offering the 2011 Silverline DUO Integration Kits with Livio Radio.  iPhone users now have full control over the Livio Car Internet Radio app’s 45,000 radio stations via factory radio controls, with no monthly fees.

The DICE Silverline DUO is an automotive interface enables iPod or iPhone connectivity and offers access to the Livio Car Internet Radio app through car stereo controls and steering wheel buttons.

The DICE DUO featuring Livio Car Internet Radio requires the use of an iPhone running iOS 4.2 or higher, the Livio app Version 2.2.0 and an active wireless data connection. Siverline DUO Integration with Livio kits is available for selected Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda, Acura, BMW, Mini, Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. VW, Audi and Mazda are coming soon.