Dickey Sr. continues to buy shares


The patriarch of the Dickey family, Lew Sr., is continuing to buy lots and lots of shares of Cumulus Media at the beaten down prices offered on Wall Street. According to his latest SEC filing, “From July 23, 2008 through August 1, 2008, the Lewis W. Dickey, Sr. Revocable Trust (the “Trust”), of which Lew Dickey, Sr. is trustee, purchased an aggregate of 426,684 shares of Class A Common Stock for an aggregate purchase price of $1,225,902. Trust funds held by the Trust were the sole source of funds used to acquire the aforementioned shares of Class A Common Stock.” Lew Dickey Sr. is deemed to beneficially own 5,330,260 shares, or 14.2%, of the outstanding shares of Class A Common Stock, as follows: 884,000 shares directly and 4,446,260 shares through the trust.