Digital Alert Systems Unveils Third-Gen DASDEC Platform


LAS VEGAS — Digital Alert Systems has introduced the third generation of its DASDEC flexible emergency messaging platform. The new hardware boasts, among other advancement, a more modular design.

The 2022 NAB Show is serving as a showcase for Digital Alert Systems to preview Version 5.0 of its Emergency Alert System (EAS) software. Version 5.0 is the beginning of “a new and improved presentation and operator interaction,” making the system more user-friendly and intuitive.

In addition, the software features a completely updated and streamlined user interface, reducing many of the multitab configurations to single pages that are more manageable, substantially reducing clutter and creating consistency. “The result is an interface that is more attractive for new users but still familiar to veteran users,” DAS says. “More importantly, Version 5.0 will serve as a springboard for moving to a more contemporary and consistent user interface and for security improvements.”

Digital Alert Systems will also showcase Visually Integrated Display Symbology (VIDS) developed by the NextGen Video Information Systems Alliance (NVISA). The recommended practice represents a new way of displaying emergency alerts based on easily discernable graphical elements, DAS says. “The VIDS recommended practice is intended to enhance emergency information’s impact, usability, and accessibility by incorporating graphical elements. NVISA aims to contribute to a more inclusive reach of emergency information that works for all audiences regardless of visual media, language, ability, or culture.”

NVISA is a worldwide coalition of developers and manufacturers working to help accelerate the industry’s evolution toward next-generation broadcast and OTT television systems. Alliance members are pooling their cross-industry expertise to collaborate, implement standards, and create best practices to help broadcasters accelerate their transformation toward advanced NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) systems.