Digital in TV Ratings Now Include Hulu, YouTube TV


Looking for solid metrics on programs like the acclaimed drama The Handmaid’s Tale?

It just got easier, thanks to the addition of “eligible TV viewing” from Hulu and YouTube TV to Nielsen’s Digital in TV Ratings service.

Even more, this service contributes directly to C3/C7 currency, Nielsen announced today.

“With this inclusion, Nielsen measurement will provide media buyers and sellers with a more comprehensive and transparent view of audiences engaging with linear TV programming across digital devices,” Nielsen said.

The move allows Nielsen to combine digital viewing of eligible Live, DVR and on-demand TV on Hulu’s live service and YouTube TV with traditional linear audience metrics.

“This capability will provide broader audience coverage and inclusion and allow Nielsen clients to more effectively monetize content across platforms,” the company says.

Nielsen President of Product Leadership Megan Clarken added, “The inclusion of eligible TV viewership from Hulu and YouTube TV viewership in C3 and C7 through Digital in TV Ratings is a major accomplishment in delivering Nielsen Total Audience to the marketplace.”

Launched in 2015, Nielsen’s Digital in TV Ratings provides a method for programmers and buyers to account for all viewers across desktop and mobile devices as long as the program content and commercials match the linear TV airing.

This capability brings together census-based data, persons demographics and Nielsen’s high-quality, representative panels to report audiences across national and local markets.

Heather Moosnick, Director of Content Partnerships for YouTube TV, commented, “We built YouTube TV to bring the most popular ‘must watch’ TV to today’s video streaming audiences and we’re already seeing that live TV represents the majority of time spent watching on the service.”