Digital Syphoning Off Local Ad Dollars


BIA KelseyThe good news from BIA/Kelsey – the automotive industry is going to spend billions on local advertising this year. The bad news – they increasingly like digital.

According to BIA, a total of $15.1M is going from automotive into local markets, representing 11.1% of the entire local advertising universe.

Television will still be the most sought after local venue, but digital is gaining ground.

The firm stated, “The auto industry and television came of age together as keystones of Twentieth-Century American culture. The two industries remain closely tied, with the auto industry being dependent on over-the-air television advertising, and all auto vertical subcategories relying heavily on traditional media to get their message to their audience. Looking forward though, digital is going to be very important by 2019, representing nearly one-third of automotive local ad spending.”

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