DirecTV going to the dogs


WatchdogsSubscribers to satcaster DirecTV who are worried about the mental health of their dogs while they are away for hours at a time will soon have an option – DOGTV soon will be available with soothing programming aimed at our canine friends.

The programming on the channel is scientifically designed to match up with the way a dog’s visual and aural faculties work. And as DOGTV puts it, “Everything from the visuals – the scenery, scenarios, color palettes and camera angles – to the audio soundtracks were selected with a dog’s experience in mind.  DOGTV programming is organized into relaxation, stimulation and exposure segments that provide the right balance for the daily cycle of stay-at-home pups.”

This is a pay service – SRP is $5.99 per month.

DOGTV CEO Gilad Neuman commented, “We are extremely excited about this strategic partnership with DIRECTV. With its 20 million customers, it is a valuable gateway to reach our target audience. This agreement is a significant step in meeting the growing demand for our product, as it opens the door for more viewers to experience our innovative programming for dogs. We know dog parents are constantly seeking solutions to ease the loneliness and boredom of their stay-at-home pups, and now they will be able to access DOGTV through DIRECTV.”

RBR-TVBR observation: You can give our dog all the visual stimulation you want, but the fact of that matter is that if you don’t come across with a biscuit or some other treat sooner or later he is guaranteed to lose interest. Further, he would likely get more enjoyment out of an average program if it came with some sort of scratch-and-sniff feature.

To be totally honest, Jack – that’s our dog – would much rather go outside for a walk so he can check his p-mail.

However, we have met many other dogs who may be higher strung than ours, and those owners may well find this service to be a balm to their souls, as well as to that of their pets.