DirecTV, KJZZ at impasse for carriage deal


Larry H. Miller Broadcasting’s KJZZ-TV Salt Lake City (MyNetwork TV) has been pulled off of DirecTV over retrans. fees. DirecTV issued the following statement: “DirecTV continues to be interested in reaching an agreement with KJZZ, but to date, KJZZ’s economic demands have been outrageous. Historically, the channel has made its signal available to DirecTV at no charge and is also free over the air. Now KJZZ is requesting a significant fee for its programming and in this extremely difficult economic climate, these demands represent a potential burden on our customers. Though we did not want to take the station down, DirecTV was notified by KJZZ that it would have to stop broadcasting its signal imminently if we did not give in to their demands. We remain willing to carry the channel while both parties negotiate in good faith.”

The station carries the Utah Jazz, High School and College sports and more. KJZZ is asking subscribers to call and demand KJZZ be put back on DIRECTV.  “Call 1-800-531-5000 and press “0” and say the word “agent” at the voice prompt.”