DirecTV to air pro video gaming live


DirecTV announced that the Championship Gaming Series (CGS) will now air live when it begins its exclusive run on DirecTV's original entertainment channel, The 101. The broadcast, which was originally slated to be videotaped and aired at a later date, will be the first-ever gaming event to present all the action as it happens, allowing fans at home to experience professional gaming match-ups as they would any other sport. The coverage will commence with the start of the CGS league on 7/9 with two, 2-hour shows of new programming each week on The 101, leading up to the National Championships.

Following the U.S. National Championship, the CGS will turn its focus to other parts of the world with events in London, Dubai, Shanghai, Sydney, and Singapore. The World Championship will be distributed to over 100 million homes with broadcasts on BSkyB, Star, and DirecTV.

The inaugural season of the CGS begins next week with the national combine events June 9-11 at the Fox Studios in LA, followed by the league draft on 6/12 at the Playboy mansion.