Disagreeing with Bob Neil


Bob Neil is a blowhard.  He’s been one for decades.  He’s the CEO equivalent of Rush Limbaugh.  He loves to hear himself speak and see himself quoted.  Just like on air talent, it’s easiest to make a reputation being negative on whatever issue of the day comes along.  I don’t remember the last time I ever heard Bob say something positive about our industry or industries that service us.

The MRC non-accreditation of PPM in Philly and New York encourages me more than anything since it means this isn’t an automatic for a company with the right donations to the right pockets, unlike so many “awards” for customer service and employee satisfaction that are easily manipulated if not outright purchased.
From my perspective the only major flaw in Arbitron’s roll-out has been issuing the “weekly” reports, at least initially.  In hindsight that was a mistake since they only magnify the sampling issues, give naysayers ammunition, and don’t provide much utility. 

I’m sure Arbitron likely did indicate PPM would be “ready to go” when it became currency.  I don’t remember reading anywhere or hearing them say it would be perfect from day one. 

Stan Main

Rochester, NY