Discovery Education launching new iPad interface


Discovery Education introduced streaming educational media into America’s classrooms some 10 years ago. Now, the Discovery Communications division is launching a new iPad-optimized version of the popular platform at This new offering for iPad, provided at no additional cost to existing Discovery Education subscribers, immediately provides iPad-friendly content and interface to the more than half of U.S. schools accessing Discovery Education services.

Discovery Education is a leading provider of high-quality, curriculum-based digital content and professional development resources whose services are available in more than half of U.S. schools. Today’s launch supports these educators in their efforts to integrate cutting-edge hardware and dynamic digital content into curricula.

In the initial version of the Discovery Education’s mobile optimized platform, more than 33,000 video assets from the award-winning Discovery Education streaming, Discovery Education Science and Discovery Education Health services can be viewed through a web-standard HTML5 video player, which maximizes embedded video support and provides the best viewing experience for students. In addition, the dynamic navigation and elegant layout of the site are driven by CSS3 and JavaScript, allowing seamless browsing in landscape or portrait orientations.

Focused on student use and interaction, Discovery Education has structured the first iteration of its iPad-optimized web app around its best in class search and browse functions. Users can find content using Discovery Education’s targeted keyword search, or explore content via the visual subject browse.

Over the next few months, Discovery Education will add images, audio clips, PDFs, encyclopedia articles, reading passages, as well as additional videos and clips.

“Discovery Education’s digital content and the iPad’s amazing display have the unparalleled ability to immerse students in curricula and transport them beyond the four walls of their classroom,” said Chicago Public Schools’ science director John Loehr. “The iPad brings academic lessons to life for students and we at CPS look forward to implementing this unique combination of content and hardware in our classrooms.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Like we’ve mentioned before with NBC News’ “Science of NFL Football” series for schools, with production values so high today, students can absorb 10 times as much about such things as science and history by watching compelling programming, paired with textbook content. The days of 8 mm movies in the classroom are over—the content is no longer boring, but often just plain riveting. We think more networks will follow NBC News and Discovery Educations’ example. And yes, advertising may well be there to support it—a win-win.