Discovery shuttering old network to make way for new network


HD Theater is a network that outlived its time – high def content was not nearly as available back when it was launched in 2002. But Discovery Communications thinks there is a hole in the program lineup available on MVPDs, and it aims to provide it. Velocity will be a network targeting men earning in excess of $150K annually.

According to an Associated Press report, the programming will focus on the lifestyle of upscale men, and will pay particular attention to the toys they like to play with. And when it comes to those toys, upscale automobiles will have a starring role.

The new network is scheduled to debut 9/25/11.

Discovery is not letting HD Theater’s last months of existence go to waste. It is using the network to begin airing programming destined for Velocity. At least three are already being offered, all automotive programs: “Chasing Classic Cars,” “Cafe Racer” and “Mecum Auto Auctions.”

Travel, sailing and adventure sports are other topics that are expected to be addressed on the network, which has a goal of providing a high income audience to advertisers with expensive products that aren’t worth pitching to audiences with more typical middle class incomes.

This will strictly be a boy’s club, with no attempt to draw upscale women into the audience.