Dish is latest to introduce TV Everywhere


The big announcement from Dish Network at CES in Las Vegas is the introduction of its TV Everywhere service, using Slingbox technology. It will enable subscribers to the satellite TV service to watch their favorite TV programs on laptops and mobile devices as well as their home television sets.

“Dish Network is proud to introduce the first and only comprehensive solution for consumers to pay once for content and then remain connected to their TV everywhere,” said Ira Bahr, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Dish Network customers will be able to enjoy their favorite live and recorded shows throughout their home and on the go, using the same program guide, menu and navigation they are familiar with on their home TV,” he said.

Dish says its TV Everywhere service provides customers with access to all their live and recorded programming on a laptop, mobile device, or anywhere in the home wirelessly. Key components include the TV Everywhere Adapter; the ViP 922; the new Dish Network WiFi HD Monitor; and the newly-released Dish Remote Access App.
Subscribers can add TV Everywhere with the TV Everywhere Adapter – the World’s Smallest Slingbox.

Developed in partnership with EchoStar Technologies LLC and its affiliate Sling Media, the TV Everywhere Adapter adds Slingbox technology to existing Dish Network HD DVR receivers such as the ViP 722k, which features a 1 TB hard drive with up to 1,000 hours of recording time. Dish describes the TV Everywhere Adapter as a sleek, ultra-slim device that easily connects to compatible set-top boxes via a single USB cable, removing the need for additional wires or a separate power supply. Once activated, the TV Everywhere Adapter provides Dish Network customers with the freedom to watch their favorite TV programming anytime and anywhere on laptops and mobile phones.

Subscribers will be able to manage their TV Everywhere content with the Dish Remote Access Mobile App, which is compatible with most SD and HD Dish DVR receivers. Users can set and delete timers on multiple receivers; browse and search nine days of shows; and manage their DVR library by setting recording priorities, resolving recording conflicts and deleting programs they have already watched.

The Dish Remote Access App also includes a feature that transforms an iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for televisions connected to compatible Dish Network receivers. The app is now available for free for both the iPhone and iPod touch and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Dish Network said it expects to launch the TV Everywhere Adapter, the ViP 922 and the WiFi Monitor in the second quarter of 2010. Customers without an iPhone or iPod Touch can still enjoy all Dish Remote Access benefits through the web browser on their PC or mobile device.