“Dish Nation” off to a strong start in ratings (video)


20th Television/FOX tells RBR-TVBR the new entertainment news hit from FOX Television Stations featuring radio personalities from across the country is scoring some great ratings so far. In just four weeks, they’ve seen viewership grow 18%. Last summer, they  tested it on Fox stations and rolled it out nationally last month. It’s turning into a bit of a hit and it’s one of the youngest-skewing programs in syndication.

Of course, “Wheel” is one of the oldest-skewing out there, and Dish Nation and TMZ are among the youngest (#2 and #3).

Fox says the show is doing especially well in markets where the local radio personalities air.

The show is described as a cross between TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and morning radio. It airs weeknights and features the personalities riffing on what’s hot and happening that day in pop culture.  Dish Nation is currently cleared in 97% of the US.

Radio personalities include:

–New York’s longest running morning show, The Big Show with Scott & Todd on WPLJ

–Atlanta’s Rickey Smiley Morning Show, heard locally on Atlanta’s WHAT is hosted by comedian Rickey Smiley and features Ebony Steele

–Texas’ (Houston/Dallas) Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, hosted by Kidd Kraddick and featuring Kellie Raseberry, Big Al, Jenna and J-Si

–Detroit’s Blaine & Allyson in The Morning have been together since 2005, and have been Detroit’s #1 show for females for five years running.

Based on the just-released Nielsen national rating:

Week 1             1.1 million

Week 2             1.2 million

Week 3             1.2 million

Week 4             1.3 million  +18% Growth from Week 1

(Nielsen Total Viewers – Wk of October 1, 2012)

See how the show is doing on FOX TV Stations:

Here are some clips from the show:

See all of them here

RBR-TVBR observation: Guess what–the radio stations that air this talent are likely seeing a boost in ratings as well. When viewers see them on their local TV stations, they’re more likely to tune in the next day to hear them on the radio. It’s a bit of a win-win for radio and television in these markets. We bet more personalities are coming soon.



  1. I think this show is terrible. You’ve helped me get to bed earlier. I turn off the TV as soon as this show comes on.

  2. This show is garbage. They laugh too much at their own jokes, which are never the least bit funny, they are unnattractive people (all of them) and can’t stand looking at them, especially that Ebony (not that anything is wrong with being transgender, but her appearance is overdone/trying too hard to look female) and they talk about absolutely nothing. They put me to sleep, at bedtime,also because they are so boring and obnoxious. Please, put “The Office” back in that time slot and get this show off the air.

  3. Plz get rid if the two from Detroit i am so sick of them. They are annoying and they suck.. They constantly laugh at themselves and think they should play out everything. They only need to make one comment and stop making fun of everything like that’s gonna make them funny.: Plz I love the show but I hate them. I haven’t watched in about a week cause they jus piss me off so bad.

  4. I hate this show. Why did this show replace TMZ????? This show is easily the most annoying show on TV. Please bring back TMZ.

  5. Dish nation is beyond crap, or garbage, it’s just sad. Laughing at your own jokes, the laughter seems forced, hahahaha.No! your not funny. TMZ is AWESOME! I hear some people lost it for dish nation! I will be pissed if I lose TMZ!

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