DISH Network updates Interactive for election


DISH Network announced that through 11/ 7, DISH Network’s interactive mosaic will update its multiple screen channel display to simultaneously air six 24-hour news channels during the 2008 election cycle. For 11 days, DISH subscribers may tune into Ch. 100 to watch the following six networks: FOX News Channel (Ch. 205), CNN (Ch. 200), MSNBC (Ch. 209), CNN Headlines News (Ch. 202), CSPAN (Ch. 210) and CSPN2 (Ch. 212).

In advance of the election, DISH Network has offered access to DISH Decision 2008 since May, which provides news and information about the Presidential candidates, as well as state-by-state news, information and polling about Congressional and Gubernatorial candidates. DISH Network subscribers can enter the interactive application by accessing Ch. 100 or pressing the "DISH" button on their remote control and select "DISH Decision 2008."