Dishing on the Hulu bidding


To no one’s surprise, Google is reported to have offered the most money for Hulu – but with some conditions that may or may not fly. But the other top bidder is reported to be a surprise – not Yahoo! or Amazon, but Dish Network.

According to the BusinessInsider website Google offered $4 billion, but not on the terms spelled out for the bidding. Instead, it is said to want access to more content owned by the sellers – and for a longer period of time. Hulu is owned by The Walt Disney Company, News Corporation and NBCUniversal, plus the private equity group Providence Partners.

The report says no other bid hit the $2 billion target, but Dish came close. BusinessInsider cites two sources saying Dish bid $1.9 billion.

RBR-TVBR observation: Dish honchos Charlie Ergen and Joe Clayton clearly want to take the company far beyond satellite TV delivery. The recent announcement of Blockbuster Movie Pass shows that Dish is committed to becoming a major player on other platforms. Buying Hulu would certainly be another way to advance that agenda.

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