Disney buying German TV station


DisneyYou’d never know that this deal was taking place in Germany if you did nothing but look at the transaction history of the television station known as Das Vierte. It’s being bought by a US company from a Russian who bought it from a US company.

According to a Rapid TV News report, the deal is being handled by Disney’s London office. Terms have not been disclosed, and it will have to be approved Bundeskartellamt, described as Germany’s cartel office.

The seller is Dmitrij Lesnewski, a Russian media operative. He bought the station back in 2008 from NBCUniversal.

The station, described as free-to-air, runs programming like “Sea Patrol” and seems to have a fondness for Westerns, among other things.

Speculation is that Disney will use the channel for children’s or family programming, or for sports programming a la ESPN, or as a European sister to the US ABC Television Network. Or in other words, Disney’s plans are unknown.