Distrust Impacts Opinions on Healthcare, Cap-And-Trade


Plus, Two in Five say exit Afghanistan; Half Trust Elected Officials in Washington Less than One Year Ago

Latest results from BIGresearch’s American Pule™ survey finds – Distrust Impacts Opinions on Healthcare, Cap-And-Trade and H1N1 Vaccine

Not much has changed in the strategy for Afghanistan a year after Obama was elected President. As he wrestles with a decision on his approach, Americans voice their vote–get out.

According to the latest American Pulse™ of over 5,000 people, 40.8% advise to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, 32% say send more in, and 27.2% don’t know.

Speaking of elected officials in Washington, 48% of Americans tend to trust them less than they did a year ago.

It appears that this distrust is echoed in people’s opinion of a government-run public healthcare option. 39.6% say it would ruin the healthcare system (v. 28.7% who say it would improve it). 35.1% say it would raise costs (v. 26.4% who say the opposite). When asked what they would be willing to do to support a public healthcare option, 69.7% say–nothing.

What would you be willing to do to support a public healthcare option?     
                                                            Adults 18+ 
Pay higher taxes                                14.6%      
Pay higher insurance premiums             5.1%       
Give up choices in providers                 11.3%      
Take a reduction in level of service      4.4%       
None of the above                              69.7%      

Americans also appear leery of Cap-and-Trade legislation:
* 37.6% say it would hurt the economy (v. 17% who say it would help)
* 35% say it would cost jobs (v. 18.4% who say it would create jobs)
* 28.6% say it would increase global pollution by moving production to unregulated countries (v. 14.5% who say it would lower the earth’s temperature).
In addition, 47.7% say the Government has not done all it could to make the H1N1 vaccine available to Americans.

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