Dittman completes exit from Mobile radio


SoldIconic Mobile Rocker WABB-FM was sold early in 2012 (and since has been swapped), leaving Judith Dittman with WABB-AM in the market. Now a buyer has stepped forward to take on ownership of the AM.

The buyer is Omni Broadcasting LLC, owned by Roy Hale Jr., James F. Hale and Jennifer F. Hale.

The price is $106K cash, with almost all of it applied to the station’s license — $98.6K to be exact. Only $7.4K is said to be attributable to tangible personal property.

The call letters are not included in the deal – the seller stipulates that new calls will be ready to go by closing.

The station is a Class B on 1480 kHz with 5 kW-D, 4.4 kW-N, DAN. It uses a News-Talk format.
Dittman sold WABB-FM in a deal filed with the FCC 2/21/12. The buyer, noncommercial Educational Media Foundation, paid $3.1M for it.

The calls were changed to WLVM-FM, and the station was swapped to Cumulus Media in a 7/10/12 deal in exchange for WRQQ-FM, serving the Nashville market. EMF also is getting WDLT-FM in the Mobile market in that agreement, paying $1.6M for it. The Cumulus/EMF dealings did not include call letters or formats, which are to remain with the transferor in all cases.