Divide and prosper with Meredith


MeredithTelevision and magazine company Meredith Corporation is keeping alive streaks of 20 years and 66 years via the announcement of its latest dividend payment to its shareholders.

The next quarterly dividend will amount to $0.4075 per share — $1.63 annualized – and will be payable 6/14/03. The disbursement will go to shareholders of record as of 5/31/13.

Compared to the company’s $40.88 5/9/13 closing stock price, the annualized dividend is good for a 4% yield.
According to Meredith, the dividend program has been going on uninterrupted for 66 years now, and 2013 represents the 20th year in a row during which the dividend increased.

The company runs a group of local television stations and has a stable of magazines aimed predominately at women which are said to have a combined reach of about 100M.