Divine dusts off Marathon moniker for DIY buy


We've seen Chris Devine use licensee names like 3 Point Media, Blue Point Media and College Creek Media. Now he's back with a busload of his broadcast investment friends with good old reliable Marathon Media and a deal for a pair of rural Missouri FM sticks-to-be. Non-commercial World Radio Link Inc. is selling the two CPs, each safely to the north of the reserved band.

The bigger of the two deals is for a Class A on 102.1 MHz in Cuba MO. It'll go for 325K, and if the two parties are able to secure FCC permission for an upgrade, Marathon will put an additional 100K into escrow to pursue it. The other station will be another Class A, in Wheatland MO on 102.3 MHz. It is going for 125K, bringing the stick value to 450K total. Joining Devine in the Marathon ownership roster at one level or another are Andrew Barrett, Peter Handy, Charles D. Schwartz, Jonathon D. Schwartz, Bruce Buzil and Aaron P. Shainis.