DJ loses case against politician


RBR/TVBR isn’t normally on the press release email list for New York City Council Member John Liu, but his staff made a point of letting us know that a federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of a $55 million lawsuit filed against Liu by radio personality Troi Torain, better known as “Star.” The appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that Liu calling Torain a “sick, racist pedophile” and a “lunatic” was opinion and protected speech.
Clear Channel cancelled the syndicated “Star & Buc Wild” show originating from WWPR-FM NYC in 2006 following public outcry from Liu and others over Torain making on-air comments about how he would like to sexually abuse the four-year-old daughter of a rival DJ. The “Star & Buc Wild” show recently returned to the air on WNYZ-LP “Pulse 87.7,” a New York LPTV owned by Mega Media Group, whose audio on Channel 6 can be heard on most FM receivers.