DJ says he was a victim of rip-off


Chuck Harder, White Springs, FL-based veteran DJ (WWBA-FM Tampa, WFLA-AM Tampa, WLCY-AM, WYNR 1390 Chicago, WMCA-AM NY and currently WPGS-AM Titusville, FL) and former national talk show host (“For the People”), tells RBR-TVBR he was notified by his bank that a trusted business associate was using company funds to pay his alimony, child support, rent for his ex-wife and himself.

Chuck says this man, whom he can’t name because he has yet to be charged, gained the trust of his wife and sold her $50,000 of worthless stock, stole $60,000.00 in inventory and then $145,000 in broadcast equipment.  Chuck says the local Sheriff of Columbia County, Florida told him, “I’m just a country boy and don’t understand this so get you a lawyer.”

Chuck and his wife say they were aghast as nine years earlier Chuck donated an expensive portable satellite audio and videophone and 78 emergency radios to the previous Sheriff when several fiber optic cables were cut.

After months of trying to get the present Sheriff Mark Hunter to prosecute and return stolen property which is being stored under the perpetrators name, Chuck says he refuses to do so.

After months of talking to the State Attorney and The Florida Department of Criminal Law Enforcement, Chuck was told his only option for recovery was to sue the Sheriff and County for violations of his civil rights by not enforcing Florida Grand Theft, Fraud and Elder Abuse laws.

Chuck is now doing so and the case is in Jacksonville US Federal Court. As his funds were stolen, Chuck is acting as his own lawyer. He can be reached at 386-397-4489.