DLE to launch new US animation channels


SyncTV, which delivers television services to iPTVs, mobile devices and other service-enabled devices, announced an agreement with Japanese animation studio Dream Link Entertainment (DLE) to distribute its original animation content to US audiences.

By using SyncTV’s digital video distribution platform, DLE will instantly become a service that can reach millions of US viewers through multiple digital channels including Roku set-top-boxes, Android-powered mobile devices, iPTVs and more. SyncTV will create custom DLE-branded channels via device apps that are centrally managed by DLE via a single web-based interface.

The deal provides DLE’s US-based content distribution service its portfolio of original content, which includes the award-winning Eagle Talon Secret Society and popular TV titles like Coffy the Tomb Tyke. DLE is recognized in Japan as the leading FLASH animation studio and an early leader in web video distribution.