Documentary Channel signs P&G's Eukanuba Pet Foods for series


Documentary Channel, A Brand Apart Television Ltd. and Eukanuba Pet Foods have formed a three-way integrated marketing, production and distribution project that will culminate with the network running an original 13-episode series titled “Eukanuba Extraordinary Dogs.”

Currently in production London-based A Brand Apart, “Eukanuba Extraordinary Dogs” is tentatively scheduled to premiere in Q1 2011. The show will also air in over 50 markets worldwide. The weekly series of 30-minute episodes will showcase how extraordinary dogs have been trained to take advantage of their keen senses of smell, sight and hearing, as well as agility, stamina, loyalty, instinct, healing and defense capabilities while dispelling what is myth and reality about the astonishing talents of man’s best friend.

“DOC offers an authentic environment in which innovative marketers and discriminating viewers can connect through engaging branded content,” says Jay Kelley, Documentary Channel SVP/sales. “A Brand Apart and Procter and Gamble are great partners, and this project clearly illustrates the value of forming early-stage alignments between brands, content creators and distributors.”

Since it was founded in January 2006, Documentary Channel has become a specialist in partnering with companies and organizations to telecast branded documentaries that provide viewers with compelling, in-depth stories while integrating relevant products and services organically into the content. Most recently, DOC has joined forces on such endeavors with companies and organizations including Exxon Mobil, Don Q Rum, The EPA’s EnergyStar Program, and Tennessee Valley Authority.

RBR-TVBR observation: The network had been experiencing financial difficulty before making the switch to an advertiser-supported channel on 8/1/09. The content here is definitely not an infomercial, per se. Given that DOC has so far expanded from DISH Network at launch to include DirecTV (3/31/10), interest from the largest national advertisers is still limited. So until carriage is expanded to major cable MSOs and reach is expanded, this is a great way to super-serve interested brands, products and services, while still staying true to original content.