DOJ asks for more info on Sinclair/Allbritton


DOJ / Department of JusticeThe Department of Justice has been reviewing Sinclair’s proposed acquisition of the Allbritton television group, and according to Sinclair, it has asked for more information related to the deal.

The $985M deal was announced at the end of JDOJ asks for more info on Sinclair/Allbritton.

The Department of Justice has been reviewing Sinclair’s uly, and will transfer these properties to Sinclair:
* WJLA-TV, Washington, DC (#8) ABC
* WCFT-TV/WJSU-TV/WBMA-LP, simulcasting to Birmingham-Tuscaloosa-Anniston, AL (#42) ABC
* WHTM-TV, Harrisburg, PA (#43) ABC
* KATV, Little Rock, AR (#56) ABC
* KTUL, Tulsa, OK (#59) ABC
* WSET-TV, Lynchburg, VA (#68) ABC
* WCIV, Charleston, SC (#98) ABC

Sinclair said the request is standard operating procedure and added that it does not expect any problems to come of it, other than any such event has the potential to add delay to the regulatory review process.

With the caveat that it cannot predict the future, Sinclair said it continues to expect closing on the deal during the first quarter of 2014 after the DOJ rules on antitrust concerns and the FCC grants its approval of the transaction.