DOJ pushes FCC on spectrum


If you’re a broadcaster, particularly on the TV side, you probably believe that the FCC does not require any goading when it comes to the search for spectrum to reallocate to new wireless services. So along comes the Department of Justice, lobbying for the Commission to free up more spectrum.

According to a Reuters report, the DOJ believes the FCC should act to reallocate underutilized spectrum, but apparently made no suggestions as to where it thought that spectrum could be found.

Wireless companies have been eying the white spaces between television channels for some time now, and more recently, the FCC has been looking at the possibility taking away much of broadcast television’s current slice of spectrum.

Broadcasters, who just recently returned a large chunk of spectrum as part of the DTV transition, are looking at ways to take advantage of their new, expensive digital facilities with an eye toward expanding their services and are loathe to give up any spectrum at all. However, they have expressed a willingness to work with the FCC on finding spectrum to use for broadband, and have been open to licensed, controlled applications going into white spaces.

DOJ also wishes to assure that any process for getting spectrum into the hands of wireless companies be structured so that large providers are not advantaged, to spur competition and to keep consumers in mind as they craft policy.