DOJ says No to Network Neutrality


Favoring restrictions on the internet, DOJ last week filed comments with the FCC against "Net Neutrality," or equal access to online content without interference or discrimination by the ISP. The DOJ agrees with telcos and CATV companies that argue that enforcing the concept would amount to a layer of regulation that would discourage investment. Without Net Neutrality, phone and cable providers who we buy access from could start imposing toll charges on content providers; that could mean favored providers/deeper pockets get faster and more exclusive access to internet users and gain a competitive advantage. The internet’s history of consumer choice and freedoms would be threatened. Ed Markey (D-MA) responded to the DOJ comments, saying, "The Bush administration’s decision to oppose Internet Freedom flies in the face of the open nature of the Internet, which has fostered unprecedented innovation and economic growth. Network neutrality safeguards would preserve the open architecture of the Internet and prevent companies from downgrading and discriminating against competitive Internet services and applications.