New Owner Will Continue Gospel From The Vine


In February 2005, Mae Rodgers launched “an interactive, community-minded Christian radio station sponsoring a series of Gospel shows and events” from a small house in Washington, N.C. A pause in operations came in February 2008, with broadcasting resuming in December 2011.

In 2013, expansion was seen for what’s now billed as “The Vine Connection.” A Class A FM was added to the mix, serving an area to the east of its Class D AM daytimer.

Now, Rodgers is saying farewell to this part of North Carolina, as she’s agreed to a sale of the AM — and its FM translator.

But, The Vine Connection will live on.

In an Asset Purchase Agreement finalized in May and submitted June 11 to the FCC, Surge Media LLC is selling WEGG-AM 710 in Rose Hill, N.C. and W263BE at 101.1 MHz to Conner Media Corp.

The sale price is $50,000; a 10% escrow deposit has been made by Conner Media. The remaining $45,000 is to be paid in equal monthly installments over five years, bearing simple interest at 3%.

Conner Media is headed by Dr. Ronald Benfield, a noted orthopedic surgeon in the Coastal Carolinas. Benfield has been serving patients as part of Ashe Orthopedics since October 2017.

Benfield’s company is the 51% interest holder of Heritage Broadcasting LLC, the licensee of Talk WJNC-AM in Jacksonville, N.C.; and the 100% interest holder of Christian AC WLGT-FM in Washington, N.C., and WSTK-FM in Aurora, N.C. 

Interestingly, WSTK has been a simulcast partner of WEGG-AM, serving a region far to the east of Rose Hill, since September 2017.

The future of WEGG-AM, its translator and WEGG-AM, is now public.

As noted in a comment below, no programming changes will be seen at WEGG.

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