Domino's launches “You Got 30 Minutes”


Domino’s Pizza is launching a rebranding effort, "You Got 30 Minutes," via  Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The campaign builds on the company’s 30-minute delivery heritage by highlighting the value of what pizza delivery really does for consumers—gives them free time (this time around, there’s no guarantee of delivery within 30 minutes as there was in the past).

Spots will begin airing in some local markets 12/24. Network prime and cable net, including Comedy Central, ESPN and MTV, will air the spots beginning 12/31.

Various 15- and 30-second spots present humorous scenarios showing what people can do with their extra time, from spending time with a sweetheart, to hanging with friends or working out to a 30-minute abs video.

Plans are in the works to offer consumers who place an order online the ability to unlock access to 30-minute content they can enjoy while waiting for the pizza to be delivered. Domino’s will also be introducing new "You Got 30 Minutes" boxes featuring shipping-style delivery designations, but with attitude.
Domino’s is also working with CP+B on an "invertising" program that revitalizes the brand internally. Domino’s is also preparing an aggressive recruiting campaign to hire service-oriented in-store team members and safe delivery experts to meet the anticipated consumer demand sparked by the new campaign.