Don Geronimo to quit Don & Mike Show


Don Geronimo, half of Westwood One-syndicated afternoon drive “The Don and Mike show,” said yesterday on the show he’s quitting and his last day will be 5/30. "I’m quitting…My heart is just not in this…This is a decision that I came to about a year ago…I made this decision not because I was defeated by loss, but because I am rejuvenated by life. So, Dan Mason, Michael Hughes and the rest of the jolly gang have been nice enough to allow me to take a hiatus, to see what else is out there. Radio is not something I can get out of my blood. I just don’t know where I fit in right now. I need to get some down time, and see what happens next. Maybe on air, maybe off air. But for a while, no air."

Geronimo has been through some rough times, including the death of his wife  in a car accident in 2005. Other half Mike O’Meara will continue the show with show regulars Buzz Burbank, Joe Ardinger, and Rob Spewak.