Done deal in Jacksonville


The sale of WBWL-AM in Jacksonville FL is now complete, The buyer is Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation, and the seller is Radio Disney. It is one of several recent spin-offs by Disney as it pares back its children-oriented radio network.

According to brokers Bill Schutz (seller) and John Pierce (buyer), the price was $650K.

Nancy Epperson, one of the Salem Communications Eppersons, is the head of Chesapeake-Portsmouth. This will be the company’s only commercial station in the market. Epperson is already connected to Jacksonville, however, due to her position with noncommercial River Educational Media. REM has three FMs in the market, WCRJ-FM, WAYL-FM & WTRJ-FM.

According to an LMA contract that was part of the FCC transaction application filing, WBWL is utilizing a Talk format heavy on syndicated talent, including Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, Bill Bennett and others, along with slots dedicated to local programming.