Done deals: Radio edition


SoldDeals are announced, deals submit to regulatory review and if the review results in the grant of the transaction, the parties get together one final time to seal the deal. Here are some radio deals that have recently made it all the way to the finish line.

* A Beasley to Beasley Vegas deal is complete. The company bought KVGS-FM from the company’s founder, George Beasley, who bought it with the current transfer in mind all along. The price: $4M. It is part of a cluster also including KKLZ-FM, KOAS-FM, KCYE-FM and KDWN-AM.

* Kalil and Company announced the closing of the deal sending KYEN-FM Severance CO from Ted Tucker’s Cochise Broadcasting to Educational Media Foundation. The station, which service the Fort Collins market, sold for $1.325M.

* The sale of KLDC-FM Dulac LA is now official. Morgan Dowdy acquired the station from Alex Media for $440K. Michael Bergner was the broker on the deal. The station was sold as a CP, serving an area to the south of New Orleans. Dowdy already owns WGUO-FM, known as Gumbo 94, in the immediate area.

* The town names associated with this deal are familiar, but aren’t generally associated with Texas. Vision Media Group is now the official owner of KLOW-FM Reno TX, serving an unrated portion of the state. The broker was Bill Whitley of Media Services Group; the price was $125K. The station will pair up with KFYN-FM Detroit TX.