Donkey Comedy Network launching "24/7 Comedy Radio"


The Donkey Comedy Network is launching 24/7 Comedy Radio, the first short-attention-span, fast-paced, hits-oriented, mass-appeal comedy radio format. Shaped by Harker Research and Vallie-Richards-Donovan Consulting, the rapid-fire, brief comedic bits attract today’s mobile audiences and utilize the universal appeal of comedy to draw listeners from a multitude of other market formats. George Gimarc, Founding Partner, the Donkey Comedy Network, and Ops Director, 24/7 Comedy Radio says the format has a large library of short comedy bits, compelling comedic hosts and fun promotions for a complete comedy radio experience.

24/7 Comedy Radio is a cume-building, appointment-based, mass-appeal format that targets the powerful 18-44 demo.  It takes a unique approach to comedy radio with continuous stand-up comedy hits similar to the Top-40 radio formula.  The content is funny and FCC-compliant.

“Comedy is a dominant force in every medium except terrestrial radio, and now it will be,” stated Bill Bungeroth, President and Founder, the Donkey Comedy Network.  “24/7 Comedy Radio is the right product at the right time, especially for underperforming AM or FM radio stations looking for a big-cume format, and one that is unique in the market. Quite frankly, America is in need of a laugh and we plan to deliver it.”

“Everybody loves to laugh,” added Dan Keating, Founding Partner, the Donkey Comedy Network.  “Local comedy clubs in markets across the country are experiencing a surge in attendance, and consumers have 24-hour access to comedy on various broadcast and digital platforms.”

Consumer-focused studies from Bridge Ratings and Harker Research identified a definite void in the radio market and revealed a strong listener desire for 24-hour comedy radio.  The findings substantiated that audiences favor the short, forward-moving comedy bits formula and a variety of comics.  Moreover, the results verified that listeners would spend some time every day with the 24/7 Comedy Radio format.