Donny Osmond adds stations in the US and Canada


TeshMedia Group air talent and iconic US entertainer Donny Osmond will be providing entertainment during a variety of dayparts for radio stations in a wide variety of new locations.

Middays, evenings and ovenights are all in the mix for Osmond. According to TeshMedia Group, the following stations have signed up for the Donny Osmond Radio Show: WDYK-FM Cumberland MD for middays, CKRW-FM Whitehorse Yukon Canada for evenings, WLOR-FM Huntsville, AL for evenings, KODS-FM Reno NV for weekends, and WVAF-FM Charleston WV for overnights.

Another TeshMedia offering, Intelligence For Your Health with Connie Sellecca, also picked up new affiliates, and in one case – WDYK-FM Cumberland — will be joining Osmond. New affiliates for the weekend offering, in addition to WDYK, include: WJBD-FM Salem IL, WNYR-FM Geneva NY WLXT-FM Traverse City MI, and KAAP-FM Wenatchee WA.