Don’t get Bowled over by NFL


NFL / National Football LeagueOur friends at the New Jersey Broadcasters Association have offered some timely legal advice, passed along from David Oxenford, to broadcasters as everybody gears up for Super Bowl XLIX. It involves how the phrase “Super Bowl” is used.

Oxenford, a communications law expert with Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP, extends the advice to a famous March event as well.

The advice is this: Keep in mind that the NFL has a trademark and a copyright on the phrase “Super Bowl.” And the NFL earns cash licensing the right to use the phrase, and is ready and willing to put its attorneys to work protecting them.

The same applies to the phrase “March Madness,” which NCAA uses to make money off its celebrated college basketball tournament.

At least the news room should be safe – NJBA’s Paul Rotella noted that “journalists and jocks” should be able to discuss any aspect of the events with impunity.