Dose of reality for reality


It is just possible that reality television is starting to wear a little thin – except for strong ongoing programs, the genre did not have a good summer on either the broadcast or cable networks. Media Life magazine notes that all new broadcast trials this summers bombed, and that seven of ten new cable shows actually came with scripts. The cable number is a perfect reversal of the story for summer 2008.

RBR/TVBR observation: We distinctly remember that when CBS’s now venerable “Survivor” started inspiring imitators, we boldly predicted that just like the prime time game show fad, it would fade quickly into obscurity. We sure nailed that one, didn’t we? Anyway, the current economy favors the relatively low production costs of reality over scripted, but it won’t matter if nobody watches. That means a clash of conflicting agendas: saving money and making money. Stay tuned.