Down month all around


The monthly report for April from Journal Communications shows declines across the board – print, radio and television. Publishing led the retreat, with revenues down 6.2% to $19.23 million, including an 8.6% drop in ad sales to $14.07 million. Journal Broadcast Group saw revenues decline 4.3% to $16.68 million, including a 5.7% drop for radio and TV 3.4%.

TV revenues of $10.49 million, down from $10.86 million a year ago, came as a reflection of economic weakness in Las Vegas, Ft. Myers and Tucson. The company said that was partially offset by a $110,000 increase in political and issue advertising.

Radio revenues were $6.19 million, down from $6.57 million, “reflecting softness in all of our radio markets except Omaha,” plus a $140,000 decrease in political and issue advertising.

At the flagship Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the company’s only daily newspaper, ad revenues fell 9.6% to $11.33 million. Retail was down 4.1%, classified 18.1% and national 5.8%. Ad revenues for the community newspapers and shoppers fell 3.9%.