Dr Pepper adds “Flavor” to new spot


The newest television spot for Dr Pepper has tapped Flavor Flav, the man who is known for wearing an oversized clock hanging from his neck, for the commercial.

In his commercial debut, Flavor Flav gives voice to one of Dr Pepper’s 23 flavors, delivering a creative and unique commercial that depicts that there is something new to discover in every sip of Dr Pepper.
"Dr Pepper is flavorlicious like me. Just like Dr Pepper, I add more to it," said Flavor Flav.

The commercial was created by Young & Rubicam. It opens with a college student listening to a lecture on a college campus. The student opens a can of Dr Pepper, unleashing the 23 flavors of Dr Pepper, which disrupt the professor’s lecture. The recognizable voice of Flavor Flav begins singing about how ‘flavorlicious’ Dr Pepper is, and captures the attention of all the other students and the professor. The student covers the can, but a salsa rhythm begins playing as soon as he takes his hand away for another drink. After quieting the Dr Pepper a third time, a final flavor plays a heavy metal riff to conclude the commercial.