Dr. Phil show out to feed 10 million


“The Dr. Phil” show is partnering with the hunger-relief organization Feeding America to highlight the growing hunger epidemic in the US and raise funds needed to supply 10 million meals. The partnership was launched on a special episode of Dr. Phil, spotlighting hunger in America and featuring an interview with Feeding America’s president and CEO, Vicki Escarra.

“We are extremely grateful to have such a trusted person like Dr. Phil to lend his voice to fight the growing hunger crisis,” said Escarra. “Every dollar or can of food counts, and we thank him for encouraging the country to contribute.”

“I am announcing a call to action,” said Dr. Phil.  “To my viewers and especially those who have stuck with me throughout my 10 seasons on the Dr. Phil show, to help me along with Feeding America to achieve 10 million meals.”

Donations to Dr. Phil’s Feeding America initiative are being collected on the website of the Dr. Phil Foundation.