Dr. Ronald Hoffman signs with MMG


Veteran WOR Radio New York and nationally syndicated radio personality Dr. Ronald Hoffman has joined the client roster at Media Management Group. In addition to being an accomplished radio personality, Dr. Hoffman is an active clinician, author, lecturer, media spokesperson and an acknowledged leader in the field of complementary medicine. Health Talk, Dr. Hoffman’s nationally-syndicated radio program, is a compelling balance of relatable treatments of complex medical topics and a common sense approach to health issues.

“Dr. Hoffman is a highly respected physician and a great talent, and he has built an impressive media platform,” said MMG CEO Jeff Schwartz. “We’re looking forward to working with him to take everything to the next level.”

Hoffman adds, “I’m very much looking forward to working with the talented team at MMG to leverage new media channels to get my message of ‘Intelligent Medicine’ out to ever-wider audiences.”


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